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03.01.2003 08:48, Reimund Huhn E-mail :
Hi Eric,
ich wünsche Dir ein frohes neues Jahr und alles Gute. Mögen alle Deine guten Vorsätze recht lange anhalten.
Gruß reimund
PS: Der Monitor steht immer noch bei uns im Keller

21.10.2002 07:44, Birgit :
Eric when are we going to see something on your website ???

18.10.2002 18:43, Russ DeWade E-mail :
Hi Birgit and Eric, Hope you are both well. Sorry i haven't kept in touch. Will now though. Take Care. Russ

13.07.2002 21:32, Kelley May E-mail :
Hey Eric it's me.
Just writing to you to thank you for bringing me along to the beach. Thanks for convincing them. Anyway I had a good time and thanks for letting me tag along. I know It wasn't cool having your little cousin around. Well thanks again and I'll be in Germany next summer so I might c-ya if you don't decide to be in the States at the time. Like you say later.

10.07.2002 16:15, Kris :
Hi Eric, hope you all got home safe and sound. Wish I got to visit with you more, but we're just old married folks and no fun. Come back soon!!!!!!

19.06.2002 13:51, Lesley E-mail :
So happy you came to visit us in the States. We had a wonderful time. Hope you are enjoying the rest of your trip!

06.06.2002 17:00, Kris E-mail :
Are you excited? Counting the days til your arrival. Have a very safe trip. It's been very hot, so be prepared to sweat. xxoo, Kris

05.06.2002 22:38, DR. DAVE E-mail :

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Entries: 108
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