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Entries: 108
22.01.2004 18:32, WebAdmin :
da jemand ein falsches bild von mir bekommen könnte

20.01.2004 12:02, birgit E-mail Homepage :
warum hast du die bilder denn alle raußgeschmissen?

19.11.2003 12:36, Der Boss E-mail Homepage :
Respekt & Fette Grüsse
Der Boss

12.11.2003 21:05, Kris E-mail :
Enjoyed seeing the family photos and everyone looks great! Tell your Dad to call me. Luv, Kris

24.10.2003 04:18, Russ E-mail :
Hi Eric, You did a great job on this website...Hope you are doing well.I really don't know what to say...Just wanted to say Hi. Take Care Russ

25.04.2003 16:54, Aunt Kris E-mail :
Nice photos of NC your Dad took. However, the photos of you are another whole type of scenery....Oh, to be your age again... Luv, Kris

24.03.2003 11:45, Lilian E-mail :
That you folks are going to
be there is the one reason we
would go on the trip .....
Keep going Eric !!!

22.03.2003 22:58, Kell Bell :
You look good Eric. Who are the girls? I bet your a big pimp. I'm just kidding. I'll talk to ya later. Luv you guys.

21.03.2003 17:19, eric E-mail Homepage :
well, i did some changes on this page. you´ll just have to find them yourself ;-)

27.02.2003 21:30, Schledo E-mail Homepage :
Hi Eric,

thanks for the works on the lab (KoSI) today and explaining it to me. This was very helpfully ;-)

Page: < 1, 2, 3, ... 9, 10, 11 >
Entries: 108
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